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Dear users! This site is private and its only for you, for small group of users.
It is very difficult to save a live links for you.
Here you can post your comments about this site or requests.


Than bigger your request, the more likely that it will be ignored or deleted. Trust me, you’re not alone here. Here are a lot of requests from another users. And at the same time I’m not a robot.

Ask 3-4 sets in one request. It will be ok.
Thanks for understanding.

174 thoughts on “Comments & Requests

  1. Dear Admin

    Can I request to colloect all the theblackalley molde Maple’s videos. She is my favorite Model.
    Thank you.

  2. Hey Admin, can’t believe erofullsets and this site is still going strong! Last I visited it was around 5 years ago.

    I wanted to request 2 videos if possible:
    DASD-697 – Yui Nagase (_

    DASD-932 – Maika Hiizumi (_

    It would be great if you could post the uncensored versions for these. 🙂

  3. Dear admin…
    thanks for accept me
    I request the lesbian version of the black alley be reproduced again.
    thanks before

  4. Dear admin..

    I wish if there is any update from “Naked art-jp”, especially Asuka Ichinose, she iz cute.

    Thanks and have a good day..


    Sir, I get “The Requested URL cannot be retrieved” error message for all links. I’m a Takefile premium member too.

    Before you used Uploader which is MILES better than TakeFile. Also, Takefile has many many captcha which is super annoying.

    Any ideas why I can’t access?

    Thank you for your great work! 🙂

    • Hi!
      There are no any captcha on takefile for Premium Users.
      I think you are using VPN or proxy or anonimizer or something like that.
      Turn it off.

  6. Dear Best Admin
    Can you please upload Priscilla in Iasian4u
    You have only TBA now just want more of her in Iasian4u

  7. Dear Admin:
    Would you please upload TBA Lolita Cheng Sets? I know that will be a lot, take your time : )
    Appreciate that.

  8. Dear Admin,
    I request TBA for these :
    Wendy yee
    wang shui wen
    sunny wei
    sonia wild
    siriprapra tung

    Thanks a lot, super Top Admin

  9. Could you please upload PacificGirls [000538 あいこ] 第375弾「おしゃぶり大好きプチ淫乱娘の楽しいSex講座」with its video set?

  10. Dear Admin,
    Could you help to post the corresponding file
    It will be most appreciated if you could help.
    Thanks a lot! Have a great day!

  11. Hello! Can you please add Bowie pics/ vids to the TBA Model list? She’s hot! 🙂

    Thank you very much sir.

  12. Hey brother, can you pls add Monica Tang sets and vids?

    Also, are there any more sets or vids for Gigie Chui? If not, it’s a shame she stopped such promising career prematurely 😛

    Thank you so much godking!

  13. Hi there!

    Could you please post Taeya TBA videos and sets?

    Also do you have Joyce from TBA / iasian?

    Thank you captain! Great site

  14. Thanks a lot for your great work! Do you have Evita 05h TBA video you can post? Also, do you have plans to expand the TBA model list?

  15. Hi Admin
    Requesting TBA
    :TBA – VIP Zone – Apple & Linlin # Video.P01
    :TBA – Linlin – video 09
    :TBA – Linlin – video 12

    Thanks You Very Much

  16. Hello Admin. Thanks for making me amember.
    Idon’t have madoka movie miss compleat..
    Could upload the title below?

    Pacific Girls [000720 まどか] Madoka – Set 第443弾「エロ尻まどか クセになっちゃうくらいイカセテネ」Video
    Pacific Girls [000582 まどか] Madoka – Set 第402弾「メリークリスマス!たっぷり甘汁美マンを堪能してね。」Video

    Thank you for the great site

  17. Hello Admin,

    Thanks for making me a member. I am missing just one set from The Black Alley. Can you please share Verona Wee, Set 26, from 17/12/2013 with 99 pix?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for your awesome sharing!


  18. Dear Admin!
    Many thanks for maintaining such an excellent site! I have the following request:TBA Natalie Wang 10-23 and P01,P02. Thank you!

  19. Dear Sir :
    Would you post Charlotte’s picture
    Set 01 to Set 08 and Video V.01 to V.05. If you can do
    it, I very appreciate!

  20. Dear Admin,
    could you please upload Caribbeancom 081916-001 Mari Haneda for manko lovers. It’s a great piece of work! I’m sure many people would enjoy it.
    Thanks very much…

  21. Hello Admin,
    is it possible to upload some files from Kingdom? Namely KIDM-847, KIDM-779 & KIDM-754.
    Many thanks for your excellent work!

  22. Great Work Admin!
    Thank you very much for uploading super sexy Chinese girl Tu Fei Yuan Ai Cuo Qiong. So much to look at & really enjoy!!!

  23. Greetings Admin!
    Many thanks for maintaining such an excellent site! I have the following request: please upload photo or video files of Tu Fei Yuan Ai Cuo Qiong from Mi Cat Models or Youmi.Thank you…

  24. Hi:
    I am very happy you post’s videos, but long time no new one post. Now I want Julia video 01
    and others. Thanks!

  25. Hi Admin,
    could you please upload Minami Manaka Caribbeancom-062918_695 & Marica Hase Caribbeancom-050318_655 Caribbeancom-062318_691
    Many thanks!

  26. Dear Admin,
    could you please upload more Deng Jing files, photo & video. I would especially like the Reflection video.
    Thank you very much.
    Enjoy your day!

  27. Hi, if i could make a request:
    Legsjapan – Chain Belt and Black Knee High Boots – Natsuki Yokoyama – photoset (there is no video).

  28. Requesting:
    All new Shino Aoi Legs Japan stuff.
    It’s more than 3 videos and photosets so take your time. If you have it.

  29. Hello Admin,

    Was hoping if you could accept my requests:

    [Ligui] 20150810 Model – Mandi
    [Ligui] 20150727 Model – Yingzi

    Please take your time. Many thanks and good luck!

  30. Hey

    Will you consider doing siterips of handjob japan, fellatio japan, and spermmania? Basically everything of digital j media.

    And what is your schedule of uralesbian and legsjapan updates? I can even see one request at the moment. It would seem irregular though.

  31. Was hoping you might have some early photosets of Apple from theblackalley – anything before set#15 would be fabulous! Thanks!

  32. I would want to request new (5 march – 15 april) legsjapan content you haven’t uploaded yet.
    Uralesbian too.
    If you don’t have any priorities this content may be interesting.


    • At this point we would need 20 april content too. Just upload everything new from LJ that haven’t been uploaded yet.

      No need to hurry, it’s just a suggestion, since it’s been some time since last update.

  33. I have a request dear admin.
    Legsjapan, photosets:
    Aki Tojo – Stewardess in Black, Nude Footjob, Foot Suck
    Anna Matsuda – Leg Bukkake

    Do you actually buy membership to these sites for us, or you are just very good at searching?

  34. Hi: I missing Lolita Cheng set 08
    and Natalie Wang set 17, please send them.
    Thank you very much.


  35. Have you considered uploading content? This site is incredible yet videos from 2017 are unavailable. It’s not better with photosets.

  36. Dear admin,
    can you help me find some old Girlsdelta, namely
    Yorie Tenkawa
    Mei Hiramatsu
    Chinami Ohashi
    Thanks in advance!

  37. Will you continue uploading (full) uralesbian content, or i have to request something? If you will i can wait, if not i have a request.

  38. Requesting videos if you can:
    Rio Kamimoto Full Body Footjob
    Tsubaki Katou Jerk Off Instructions
    Airi Mashiro, Ayumi Kuroki Double Nude Footjob
    Kotomi Shinosaki Nude Footjob (second)

  39. Dear admin,
    Request videos:
    Ai Mukai
    Ai Mukai
    Pretty much I want all her videos if you have lol

  40. Requesting videos if you have them:

    Rin Miura Masturbation
    Tsubaki Katou Jerk Off Instructions
    Kotomi Shinosaki Leg Bukkake

  41. Can you get these?

    1. Legsjapan – Tsubaki Katou – Foot Suck Handjob
    2. Spermmania – Tsubaki Katou’s Sticky Bukkake Facial

    Thanks in advance!

  42. Greetings

    I think these videos and photosets are worth uploading:
    Shino Aoi Nude on White
    Yui Kasugano Jean Shortest Shorts
    Kotomi Shinosaki Foot Suck
    Kotomi Shinosaki Leg Bukkake

    Thank you in advance.

  43. If possible can you please get:
    * Legsjapan – Ena Nishino Schoolgirl Footjob
    * Legsjapan -Shino Aoi, Tsubaki Katou Double Nude Footjob
    * Spermmania – Rin Miura’s Cum Covered Footjob


  44. Hello good sir,

    Could I request an upload of;

    TheBlackAlley – Winny Sung video 21
    TheBlackAlley – Winny Sung video 22

    thank you

  45. Hello,
    do u happen to have Rio Kamimoto, Anna Matsuda 2016-01-06 Double Footjob Video and itsd Photoset? would be really nice 🙂

  46. Hello,
    I have just seen that you have started to share 2 videos from AISS. Wonderful !!!
    Maybe you could help me. I am desperately looking for the full set of these pictures from AISS :

    Could you upload them ? Or do you know where I could find this full set ?

  47. Dear Admin,

    Could you help to post the corresponding Video file for Naked-Art no. 00436 2011-11-11 Yuri Takei nurse set.
    She’s really cute but I couldn’t find the video for this set anywhere.

    It will be most appreciated if you could help.
    Thanks a lot! Have a great day!

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